The crazed crime spree of William C. Todd


This is the William C. Todd story:

1. Breaking and entering.

Stopping in Nashville,Tennessee for a nine-hour Greyhound bus layover,he broke into The Slaughterhouse—an old haunted house in the downtown area.

2. Theft.

There, he stole a Taser,a revolver, and shotgun, and a t-shirt.

3. Arson.

Then he burned down the building.

4. Robbery at gunpoint.

Then he went to a bar and held four patrons at gunpoint, robbing them. He tased one and pistol-whipped another.

5. Carjacking at gunpoint.

He then carjacked a taxi.

6. Theft.

He stopped at the Walmart in Nolensville and used the stolen credit cards to buy “$199 worth of items,” according to Nashville policeman Sgt. Tony Blackburn.

7. Breaking and entering, vandalism.

He then went to a place called Hotel Indigo at 6:00am, where he proceeded to break into a law office in the building, trashing the premises and defecating on a desk —smearing his excrement on the framed law degrees hanging on the walls.

8. Robbery at gunpoint.

After that he robbed several hotel guests at gunpoint. He knocked ontheir doors pretending he was a house keeper, and, according to witnesses, was crying while doing so.

9. Destruction of private property.

Before leaving the hotel,he shaved his head—the photo above happened after his crime spree—and then crashed his stolen car in a parking lot. This happened around 9:00am, according to the police.

10. Robbery at knifepoint.

At 11:30 am,he allegedly committed the last of the crimes: Leaving the crashed car, he stole another taxi—at knifepoint.

He finally was caught hiding, almost completely submerged in a water-cooling vat in Opry land. The police got him after the fire department came to take him out using a ladder truck.

According to Sgt. Blackburn, “he was just on a terror. I’ve never seen anything like this before.


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