Translated From the Omelete, Avi Arad explains why they nixed Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 and talks about The Amazing Spider-Man


The omelet was pleased to receive the first edition of KingCon River, on February 25, the producers of The Spectacular Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man), Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach. Arad is the producer of Marvel Studios, has signed the first trilogy of Spider-Man, and the movies X-Men, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and others.

The film will premiere scheduled for July 6, and the omelet will publish to share everything that happened during the event. In this first part, the producers talk about the importance of the hero in their lives and what they are bringing to this new version of the film.

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We start from the beginning. What is the importance of Spider-Man in their lives?

Avi Arad: For me … Peter Parker is a bit like I was in many ways. We have a training and similar problems. Unfortunately I do not have his powers.

Tomalch Matt: You’re very powerful indeed.

AA: I live the story of Peter Parker and Spider-Man ever. For me is the greatest example in the universe of superheroes and even more in the universe of heroes. So for us is a very important character to continue developing and bringing new incarnations of what all the Peter Parkers defend the world.

MT: I think that’s why Peter Parker and Spider-Man characters are so timeless. As Avi said, is a very personal thing. I identify with this boy who feels a stranger. I grew up with my parents separated, we all have our circumstances and struggle to try to understand who we are. Do you know? How to fit in and what awaits you. It is a very personal thing for me. I have a son, a little boy who loves Spider-Man. What he represents and the notion of being someone who knows what is right in the heart. He tries to understand where it fits and what to do with all the power that wins. That is the question more universal. And you wonder what it means to me. I am involved in the films Spider-Man with Avi for over a decade. Professionally, it is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever attended. This does not happen in other movies. I mean, it happens in other movies from AVI but for most of us do not. The range of Spider-Man and the impact that the character has in the world is very deep and it is, frankly, a great responsibility.

People are wondering why you decided to do a reboot of the franchise only 10 years after Sam Raimi’s film of 2002? And what you are bringing back to the beginning of Spider-Man franchise?

AA: There was a time problem. Do not think that ten years ago, so it was time to do another. How many of you know, especially this audience here, we were working on what we called “Spider-Man 4.” And it would be with the same team. The problem was that we did not have a story strong enough to guarantee another film. Sam Raimi, who is the Spider-Man in many ways in his persona, he realized that we did not have a good reason to make another film. Between him, Tobey and obviously the studio, we all do not feel good with the next story because the trilogy was the origin, denial and acceptance of who he was. So we specifically Sam, we felt that we had already told the story. It was a difficult choice because we were together for ten years. We knew it was time to … When you talk of Spider-Man, which dates from 1962 with the first animations comics and TV and video games, comics always tell a story. And there are several stories about him. So for us … we really started thinking about this movie when we were working on the 4th, actually. We knew something was coming, we had something new for the very unique history.

MT: I want to add something to it. What Avi said is right. We started thinking about this film as we tried desperately to find another story to make the same team, with Sam and Tobey. But I think everything happens for a reason in life. The reason we are already playing with it is that I believe something fundamental in the Spider-Man, and that you feel here is a movie and comic book about a boy trying to become a man. It is on this metaphor, this part of life, you know? Where we are struggling with who we are and what it means to have power and responsibilities, but at the same time you just want to be a child. I think that as life goes on and you get older this story gets more gray. There is so powerful. There is nothing more powerful than this time in life where this is the first girl you love, your heart gets broken, you have stomach pain every day when you get home … This kind of thing happens with Spider-Man and Peter Parker. I think that even without knowing we knew we wanted to re-tell this story.

AA: We also had a unique opportunity. Children basically all of them, their personalities, problems, anxieties, sorrows, everything happens in the first seven, eight years of life. And here we have the opportunity to really explain that Peter is not only an orphan, but he suffers the worst thing that can happen: do not know what happened. Do not know enough about who they were. Today, in the information age, he was unable to search for their name in Google. But he knows nothing. Probably that was what created the first phase to become Peter Parker. An only child growing up with his uncle and aunt and everyone avoiding the larger issue: What happened? They were good or bad? You go to school and the teacher asks: “Peter, what does your father do?”. “I have no father.” “What happened?” “I do not know.” It really catches the interest of children around the world. Peter Parker is about our image in the mirror of us all. There are many children who are orphaned very young, parents have divorced or are adopted. And you wonder what on again at our Peter. Our Peter is not injured, is not sad. In fact, he is a strong and healthy boy. But he is full of questions. He wants to be something bigger than that. When you see the new version, which is really powerful is that he chose to be a stranger. He is this boy who has other interests. Nobody would be here if not a little strange. This is part of the geek world that holds us together.

MT: It’s a sense of … Still on the character … As Avi said, he is a stranger but someone who is … When the film begins, he is a hero at heart. Obviously he gains power in the film, but does not gain the power of heroism or desire to do the right thing. Or to fight bullies. It comes with it in him. What he gets is power along the way, which makes your life … What is a gift, but also a complication. But I wanted to add something else that you saw in the video. There’s this thing that started with the comics and that was very prominent for the character Peter Parker: he had no parents around. They were gone. And as Avi said, the impact of this is enormous. And we had not dealt with it so emotional practice or the way that Marc said he wanted to do. This becomes a defining issue for the character. It is what would happen in a real context.

AA: And then there’s Gwen Stacy, who is not only beautiful but very intelligent. It is equal intellectually, and it is a sign of our times. In 1962, in the comics, the girl should not be so smart. She had to be beautiful. And those days are far behind. So we have a very strong character and the story of Gwen has always been very unique because of his father who was police chief. All these metaphors are real. You know, he has the mask and the father a badge. A girl who understands what is being the daughter of a hero. A policeman, a fireman. What are the risks of falling in love with someone like that. How it impacts her life and her father. We could do a mix of emotions then we have, somehow, a new Peter Parker, a new girl, we have a very realistic approach of the film … Everyone knows “500 Days of Summer.” What made the film so outstanding was how real were the relationships. It was not a fairy tale. It’s like it is. It’s bad for us men, but that’s how life is sometimes. Then we have new technology. And really try to have a lot of physical action. Andrew is not only a brilliant actor but he is a sportsman. This gave us the opportunity to try things with him that were it not so it would have been almost impossible.

MT: You know, the world of this movie is real. It’s the world we live. So one of the things that Marc wanted to do and what we did in the movie was not only pushing the limits of what was possible with visual effects and technology, and we feel we are doing this with certainty, making the film in stereo, but making it more practical possible. So you have the best of both worlds. But I think we’ve all seen enough movies in which visual effects can be spectacular but I think sometimes your eye intuitively know when something is not real. So what we try to capture, extract from Andrew and this amazing stunt team with whom he worked to do things never seen before. The film is a combination of both. Because of this and the emotional force of character, you feel he is doing everything. It falls the way someone falls. The parties have the feeling of physical reality. That was something important to us and we spent time on it.

AA: Another thing is that we have a new villain. We had already met with the Connors before, but now we focus on who the Connors, what it means to Peter. In the tradition of Marvel villains are connected emotionally, have a story or a direct influence on Peter. This leaves the very rich material. You look at Peter, he misses the parents, Connors has one arm. On the one hand, emotionally, is a very similar problem. It is a cautionary tale. This always has the best villains. I think what is most unique about this film is that everything happens in the film’s point of view of Peter. Something happens, he finds a clue, he wants to track because he wants to know who is. With this track, without wanting to give too much information, I think you will like the film is the revelation, the discovery will be done with it. Sometimes you will feel that he should not do this, but humans do. They want to know. Today we hear that in Rio or Sao Paulo has a Peter Parker who fights the bullies or who hits the homeless, is a boy … You’ve heard this story? It was two days ago.

MT: Apparently the boy is in hospital … You know this story? That’s exactly what … That’s what Peter would do. This is the kind of thing that Peter does not approve. You know, he would say no to that.

AA: He would say no to that. We were also led to … Usually in the movies Spider-Man, we try to achieve social phenomena. That’s because Peter, unlike other superhero movies, is a movie hero. He is very … Do not want to be cliche, but he went through life like us. We deal with bullying in a very different, which is probably one of the worst problems SOCIAL youth, parents and the internet. So we fight against it and what is important in this fight is that we show that Peter, inside, is strong and good. And actually … for a good guy, he makes a mistake. And, again without talking much about it … But answering the question of what is new, almost everything.

MT: Yeah, a lot.

AA: One less thing: Who is Peter Parker …

MT: The essence of the character.

AA: The essence of character is the same.

MT: It’s always been true to that.

In the cast are Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), Rhys Ifans (Curt Connors), Sally Field (Aunt May), Martin Sheen (Uncle Ben), Denis Leary (George Stacy) Campbell Scott (father of Peter), Julianne Nicholson (Peter’s mother), Irrfan Khan (the villain Van Atten), among others.


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