Congratulation to Robert Kraft the 2012 George Halas Award winner


The Professional Football Writers of America have named Patriots owner Robert Kraft the 2012 George Halas Award winner, given annually to the player, coach or staff member who overcomes the most adversity to succeed.

Kraft certainly fit the bill last year. He was lauded for his role in negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the NFL Players Association during his late wife Myra’s battle with cancer.


With Myra’s blessing, Kraft shuttled from being by her side to the negotiating table and back. Five days after Myra passed away, Kraft stood with other owners and player representatives in Washington, D.C. as the 10-year CBA agreement was announced.

While then-Colts center Jeff Saturday took the microphone, he embraced Kraft.


“A special thanks to Myra Kraft,” Saturday said, “who even in her weakest moment, allowed Mr. Kraft to come and fight this out, and without him this deal does not get done. I don’t want to be climactic in any way, but he is a man who helped us save football, and we are so gracious for that. We’re gracious for his family and for the opportunity he presented to get this deal done.”


Kraft is the 43rd winner of the Halas Award and is the first-ever member of the Patriots to earn the honor.


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