Pokemon Cars


“Has been held at Tokyo Big Sight Tokyo Toy Show 2012 “(June 14 and 15 Business Day, Sun June 16 and 17 public days). Takara Tomy Arts next to the booth on the first floor west wing is three cars were on display.

In the center is wrapping Alphard Toyota car to commemorate the screening of the (national road show from July 14) “Holy swordsman Rem queue Pokemon The Movie.”


Alphard this is over minicar from Takara Tomy, “to be deployed in Toyopet nationwide to 15th – 24th June Toyopet Special 10 Days will hit the name of 24,000 total nationwide and answer a questionnaire at the store Toyopet during the period. ”



Pikachu car next to the Alphard is Toyota Porte base. Face is turned completely Pikachu. It comes with fine addition to ear.


Further equipped with tail up.


Porte also based Mijumaruka.


With a tail too. This two is said to has been produced in the program was broadcast on June 10 of the “Pokemon Smash!”.


Tomica two also appeared this, It is said that you plan to present at the store Toyopet nationwide campaign from around the end of July.



The three Tomica has been exhibited in the booth should be noted Tomy.

Official site of the 2012 International Tokyo Toy Show is here .


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