Buy it Now your own 2003 H2 Black Knight hummer for $55,000 its Ready for Action and Armed to the Teeth!!


Click the link below for more pics and everything this beast comes with


This is a real head turner! Lambo doors front and rear. 7- MA Deuce 50 Caliber Machine Guns with Tripods, 2- 30 Caliber M1919 Machine Guns, 10- Mini-Guns with Rotating Action, 4- RPG’s Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers,


20mm Real Shells on Front Brush Guard and on Back Spare Tire, 50 Caliber on Top Shoots Simulated Fire with Loud Report and Works with Propane/ Oxygen Tanks Stored in Ammo Cases on Roof.


Nitrous Oxide Purge System with Nozzles on Hood and Front 50 Caliber Machine Guns. Laser Lights on Guns and Roof Rack, Underbody Lights, 2- Final Fantasy Swords 56” Long Mounted on Roof Rack, Additional Swords Mounted on Back and Front, Side Exhaust running boards, 20” Moto Metal rims with 35”Mud Grappler Tires,


Dragons, Skulls, Hid Lights, Headers, Dual exhaust, Optima and 2- Marine Batteries, Chrome Hand Grenade Shifter, Remote Starter, Rear View Camera, 2000 Watt Amp, 12” Sub Woofers, 15 Multicolor Interior Lasers, Lighted Hood Scoop, 20- Off Road Lights, Brush Guard, Tail Light Guards, 2- Ladders, Roof Rack, Sun Visor, K&N Air Intake, 2 Fire Extinguishers, Back Seat has 2- M1919 Machine Guns, 1- Mini-Gun, Pineapple Grenades, 50 Caliber Bullets and 40mm Shells for Grenade Launchers.


Everything is Controlled with Wireless Remote. I also have a few videos on YouTube. Just type in Black Knight Hummer, Sit Back and Watch the Lasers Light up the Night.


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