The cost of being Iron Man

The cost of being Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the richest superheroes of all time with enormous wealth to spend on weapons, gadgets and technology – but how much would it cost you to become Iron Man?

Before you reach for your Platinum Credit Card, it should be noted that Iron Man, like Batman, doesn’t actually possess super human powers, but instead uses his wealth to fund the state of the art gadgets, vehicles and weaponry which he uses to fight crime.

Iron Man aka Tony Stark has an estimated personal wealth of $9.3 billion. The majority of his fortune was accumulated through his company, Stark Industries, which he inherited from his father, Howard. Stark Industries is worth an estimated $20.3 billion!

Stark Industries is a fictional defence contractor that develops advanced weapons systems for the military. With his immense wealth and all that military technology at his fingertips, Tony Stark doesn’t need savings or a loan to fund his extraordinary lifestyle – but how much would it cost you to become this Marvel Comics superhero? Take a look at our infographic below for the costs associated with Iron Man’s suits, cars, home, weapons, gadgets and more

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