The Hobbit Trailer #2 (or I am Peter Jackson and I am going to do what I want and don’t care what people think)

Seriously what the hell is Galadriel doing there and I guess at some point legolas shows up at some point and now they will be 3 movies because the Hobbit was a really long book. 

Really P.J as great as L.OT.R was even though you left out the true ending on the third film which was my favorite part of the book.  The Hobbit does NOT need to be 3 films and how dare you reimagine what tolkien wrote. It is a classic for a reason  and just because you don’t like certain aspects of the book it doesn’t give you any right to change it!

I understand you want to make as much money as you can and I will most likely go see them because I love the books. No this P.J what your doing in my opinion is wrong and deep down you know I am right.

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