King Kong: The Musical


King Kong a musical, based on the 1933 movie King Kong, is produced by Global Creatures, with the six-metre animatronic silverback in the title character (puppet designed by Sonny Tilders . The book is by Craig Lucas and the score and orchestrations (including original songs and arrangements of songs of the period) are by Marius de Vries, with original and adapted lyrics by Michael Mitnick. In addition music is contributed by 3D from Massive Attack, Sarah McLachlan, Guy Garvey from Elbow and The Avalanches. The production is directed by Daniel Kramer. The musical premiere at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre on 15 June 2013.
The 50-strong cast includes Esther Hannaford as Ann Darrow, Chris Ryan as Jack Driscoll, Adam Lyon as Carl Denham, Queenie van de Zandt as Cassandra and Richard Piper as Captain Engelhorn. Kong requires 10 on-stage puppeteers and 3 off-stage voodoo operators to control him for every show.


Kong’s first public appearance. Featuring:

‘Full Moon Lullaby’ with Esther Hannaford as Ann Darrow
Music by Marius de Vries and Lyrics by Michael Mitnick

‘The Chase’
Music by Marius de Vries sampling Justice’s ‘Genesis’

Book to see King Kong at


I don’t know about all of you, but I am hoping this does some sort of world tour and it ends up on Broadway so Kong can actually be on Broadway for once in his life.

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