Short Film – Reload

Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash, John Martin – Reload from Jodeb on Vimeo.

Directed by Jodeb |
Executive producer: Geoff Mclean
Producer: Courtney Anne Davies
Actors: Jean-Pierre Vertus as Rhô, Latoya Shaw as Khi
Director of photography: Yon Thomas |
Steadycam: Mic Waugh |
Producers in Iceland (hero films): Sigurbjörn Búi Baldvinsson, Alfreð Gíslason
Grips (Iceland): Hogni Marzellius, Thorarinn Thordarson
Local fixer in guatemala (The Bigger Picture Pictures): GG
Costumes: Annie Jewell
3D Monster creation and animation: Paul Laberge |
Snowstorm compositing: Josh Sherrett |
Original idea, editing, vfx, matte painting, color grading and compositing: Jodeb
Additional compositing, matte painting and 3D modeling/animation: Paul Laberge, Josh Sherrett
Production company: Vision Film |
Label: Refune records / Stephan Markovits, Sebastian Ingrosso
Commissionner: james Hackett @ Virgin Records
S. Ingrosso's management: Amy Thomson |

Shot on location and in studio in Iceland, and in Guatemala on a two weeks journey that allowed us 9 days of shoot with an extraordinarly dedicated and passionate team. Shot on Alexa and few b-rolls were shot on the Canon 5D MarkIII. Behind the scenes and VFX breakdowns coming soon.

An interview with IMVDB that gives more details about the shoot:

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