bjork – mutual core


This is one of the most visually stunning music videos I have seen in a while, Now granted I don't watch music videos like i did when i was younger, but to me this Is simply amazing Use of green screen technology. In the integrated use of puppets simply Is amazing how they form the two together and make one live-action music video.

BJÖRK – “MUTUAL CORE” from Andrew Thomas Huang on Vimeo.

Director: Andrew Thomas Huang –
Producer: Árni Björn Helgason
Production Company: Sagafilm


Cinematographer: August Jakobsson
Production Designer: Gudjon Olafsson
Art Director: Thorgeir Odinsson
Makeup Artist: Frida Maria Hardardottir


Cinematographer: Laura Merians
Production Designer: Hugh Zeigler
Art Director: Orion Martin


Executive Producer: David Lyons
VFX Company: Moo Studios

Editor: Andrew Thomas Huang
VFX Supervisor: Andrew Thomas Huang

Lead Compositor: Lindsey Fry
Compositors: Nate Jess, Aaron Rovner

Lead CG Supervisor: Michael Ranger
FX Technical Director: Nico Sugleris
CG Modelers: Michael Barela, Daniel Edery, Iordanis Kioumourtzoglou
Animators: Olivia Hong, Dan Wilson, Othon Castro

Director's Rep: Jamie Kohn-Rabineau at LARK Creative

Sponsored by The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles MOCATV

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