My 3000 Post!!!


The title is somewhat misleading, it is my 3000 but atomicyeti started over at blogspot and then moved to tumblr before finding a home at wordpress. Its funny i never really had an idea on what i was going to do with it. I know it was a place where my friends could come and post anything that they wanted and believe me they did.

Later on though things started to change people couldn’t post as much as they were and we also were getting paid by having advertising on the site, so the content had to change dramatically no more posting beautiful women posing in every which way. The advertiser stop paying what they normally were paying me. It was explain to me that in order to get paid the proper amount i would have to change but i didn’t have to delete my old post that still contain them. I just couldn’t post any more recent pics that would show up on the front page, easy enough i thought but i was also warned that my visitors would drop and low and behold they did but slowly we got them back.

Around this time my friend craig approach me to start a podcast with him and i came up with the name YetiLounge and thus the was born, and it still there today, so go take a listen at our attempts to do a podcast i recommended episode #3 it was one one of my favorite episode if not my favorite episode we did. Granted we only lasted 13 episodes but they were fun to do, and there is a good possibility that it will be coming back at some point once the renovations at my house are complete.

At some point in all of this i started thinking that i could expand into a brand tshirts,posters, you name it i thought it and don’t get me wrong its a great idea but the sad reality was my site was never going to be big as i wanted it to be. I know if i hustled and put my nose to the grindstone maybe just maybe i might have made a dent in the internet ok maybe a surface scratch, but it wasn’t meant to be.

At some point the world decided that would throw me a curveball and my wife got cancer and this website/blog just didn’t have the same amount of fun for me as it once did. I remember when i found out that she had cancer it was one of the most gut wrenching things that happen to us, but after surgeries and treatments she is cancer free today and we are truly grateful for that. A year later we were blessed to find out that we were expecting baby #2 and the little guy was going to be born in October of this year, but once again life decides to take a strange turn. I don’t want to go in the whole story but we lost the baby due to complications, and once again this site became less important to me so the posting stopped all together.

I remembered when i started posting again i didn’t know what i was going to start with, so i started with Artist of the Night and Movie related posts and with that was back. I know that i will probably never get my 10,000 hits a day traffic but you know what i am ok with that even if i only get a couple hundred hits a day i will be grateful for the people who have taken time out of their daily lives just to visit my little site, and with that i want to say Thank You to all of you who come here and check out what i have posted.

With all of that being said stay tuned for some old favorites that i am bringing back like Danny Rage and shorts post things i heard at work today. i miss actually writing stories for this site, so once again THANK YOU ALL AND HERE IS TO ANOTHER 3000 POST AND BEYOND..

John D

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