A Smallville Man By Mauricio Abril

“A Smallville Man” is my animatic film featuring an original Superman story told in over 150 illustrations set against the aural backdrop of the song “Walk” by the American Rock band Foo Fighters.

The film explores the relationship between Superman’s past and present through separate stories that take us from the jungles of South America to the quaint streets of his hometown of Smallville. For those not quite familiar with South America, it’s like America but south. The two story lines ultimately converge thematically to show that the “S” on his chest represents not just his alien power but also the  strength of his humanity.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a not-for-profit independent film honoring the legacy of Superman and the Foo Fighters. It is in no way meant to officially represent DC Comics, Warner Bros, Foo Fighters, or RCA Records. Superman and all related elements are trademarks of and copyrights of DC Comics. “Walk” was written by the Foo Fighters and published by RCA Records in 2011’s “Wasting Light.”

For more artistic shenanigans:

Instagram: @MauArtist

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