Penny Dreadful Full Trailer



This season will see Vanessa (Green) and Ethan (Hartnett) forming a deeper bond as the group, including Sir Malcolm (Dalton), Dr. Frankenstein (Treadaway), and Sembene (Sapani), unite to banish the evil forces that threaten to destroy them. Meanwhile, Dorian Gray (Carney), the Creature (Kinnear) and Brona (Piper) are all waging battles of their own.

Guest stars include Patti LuPone as “a mysterious character of great importance in Vanessa’s past.” Helen McCrory will return as Evelyn Poole (Madame Kali), a spiritualist who will “pose a unique threat to our protagonists”. Simon Russell Beale will play an “eccentric Egyptologist” named Ferdinand Lyle. Other guest stars include Douglas Hodge as a Scotland Yard investigator;Sarah Greene as Poole’s powerful daughter, Hecate; andJohnny Beauchamp as “a man with a singular past.”

Series creator, executive producer, and writer John Logan said in a statement,

“This season Vanessa and Ethan face new challenges, and old enemies, and turn to each other for solace. Their intimacy grows as they are forced to confront their demons together.”

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